Thursday, June 19, 2008

Library2Play Thing 4: Registering the Blog

Name: Wired Pages
My name: Silver Leaves

Can you figure out the tie between wired pages and silver leaves?
--- Silver Leaves

Library2Play Thing 3: Setting up Blog and Creating Avatar

Yahoo! Avatars

Blog: Set up

  • Creating the blog and setting it up was pretty easy and fun to do
  • Directions were simple enough to follow
  • I found I'd get ahead of myself and tried to go on without reading the directions but I'd go back and re-read something if I was stuck

Avatar: Creation

  • Intersting activity
  • Good to know I can make as many of these as I'd like
  • Great way to engage learners
  • Lots of ideas with all core content areas as a jump start to an activity or lesson

Silver Leaves

Library2Play Thing 2: 7.5 Habits

The easiest habit to maintain is that I truly believe anyone can be a lifelong learner, at any age, including myself! And the most difficult habit may be the one about having confidence. I believe in myself but the job I have sets me up to always having to prove myself when I know there's no need. Some of the librarians I support have a need to always challenge my knowledge and its accuracy. It is very disheartening when that happens. --- Silver Leaf

Library2Play Thing 1: About the Program

I look forward to learning some great stuff here. Good luck everyone!